thermal management.

Thermal effects determine the quality and accuracy of numerous high-tech systems and processes. We manage challenging thermal conditions with efficient cooling or heating solutions and effective control systems. For this, we call on our specific physical knowledge of thermal phenomena, our extensive experience with thermal problem analysis and model design, and our system and test set-up development expertise.


high-tech heating, cooling and freezing.

For high-tech thermal challenges ranging from cooling (electronics, etc.) and cryo-freezing (e.g., bio samples) to heating (in processes like 3D printing), we develop dedicated solutions. These can include our own products, such as cryogenic microcoolers. We understand the underlying physics of thermal processes, are proficient in modelling thermal phenomena (FEM/LEM, CFD) and can translate the results into effective control. For optimizing designs and pinpointing thermal issues, we have specialized in LEM (lumped-element modelling), which enables fast simulation and real-time control. We use a wide range of proprietary LEM libraries for modelling thermal/cryogenic, vacuum and fluidic behavior.


“we have a complete portfolio of thermal solutions.”

Thermal phenomena are major challenges in today’s high-tech systems control. We have the thermal knowledge and multi-physical models required to, for example, keep samples extremely cold and vibrationless, accurately maintain temperature set-points or design thermally complex processes. Our experience ranges from cryogenics to extremely high temperatures, and in-house developed products complete our portfolio of solutions for complex thermal problems.

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