full-service design house.

Demcon kryoz was founded in 2008 as an initiative of two driven entrepreneurs, both with a background in thermodynamics and a passion for developing new technology. Since 2016 Kryoz has been part of the Demcon Group, giving us the ability to function as a full-service design house within our field of expertise. We build on our extensive thermal systems engineering track record in a wide range of markets and applications. We provide contract R&D and related services, often starting from a low technology- readiness level.


main contractor for maximum collaboration.

As part of the Demcon group, we provide a wide range of competencies for new product introduction. We extend our broad expertise of thermal systems engineering with specialized disciplines such as mechatronics, optics and electronics. In addition, we are able to offer industrialization and manufacturing & assembly capabilities for volume production. Acting as the main contractor in large projects, we collaborate with customers, Demcon group members, knowledge partners and technology suppliers. With the help of our sophisticated quality system, in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, we supply high-quality, safe products. In medical product development we comply with ISO 13485:2016 and for management of occupational health and safety we adhere to the ISO 45001 standard.

Demcon kryoz

meet our team.

About-us-pieter-lerou.jpg Pieter Lerou

Managing director and CTO

About-us-erik-jan-de-hoon.jpg Erik-Jan de Hoon

Managing director and Project Manager

About-us-Bart-1.jpg Bart Schepers

Thermal systems engineer

About-us-Sander.jpg Sander Elvik

Thermal systems engineer

About-us-Guido-1.jpg Guido Giammaria

Thermal systems engineer

Mark Arendshorst Mark Arendshorst

Thermal systems engineer

Romaine Kunst

Thermal systems engineer

Thomas de Lange

Thermal systems engineer

Bart Rooijmans

Thermal systems engineer

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Tap into our profound expertise and unlimited creativity to help solve your technological and social challenges. We engage in design projects and driven by curiosity. We operate in a wide range of markets, offer services from low TRL levels up to 9, and have the right skills and competencies to offer the solution that you need.

Discover our product, services and expertise. Shoulder-to-shoulder, we create shared value together.