Construction site Demcon Enschede rated with an 8.1 by ‘Bewuste Bouwers’


Trebbe is realizing the new Demcon headquarters in Enschede at Kennispark Twente. Work is carried out on the construction site in accordance with the ‘Bewuste Bouwers’ code of conduct. It was recently time for the periodic audit from the Bewuste Bouwers Foundation. This was successful because the construction site received an 8.1 as a rating.

Better a good neighbor…
Demcon, Trebbe, Winkels Techniek and all other construction partners want to be a good neighbor for the environment. That is why the construction site of Demcon Headquarters has been registered for Bewuste Bouwers (Conscious Builders). Work is carried out on the construction site in accordance with the Bewuste Bouwers code of conduct. This code of conduct consists of five pillars: environment, safety, professionals, environment and care. The Bewuste Bouwers Foundation assesses how these pillars are handled on the construction site, among other things through audits. Recently it was time for the audit on the construction site. The auditor rated the construction site with an 8.1.

Nice compliments to the team
“My compliments. Everything is neat and well organized! Especially the neatness and care with which things are arranged is of a remarkably high quality. You can feel the passion for high quality and that is contagious” is the feedback from the auditor of Bewuste Bouwers. Richard Hoeve, project leader at Trebbe is proud of this result. “This is a wonderful score and a wonderful compliment to the implementation team, which consists of NABR, Winkels Techniek, Trebbe and all other construction partners. You can only achieve a result like this if the cooperation is good on all aspects.”

Demcon Headquarters; Focus on growth, development and sustainability
The new headquarters for Demcon will be located at the Institutenweg 40-42 in Enschede, between the Demcon Innovation Center and the Demcon Technology Center. The new office was designed by Beltman Architects from Enschede. Growth, development and sustainability were important principles for the design. The five-storey building will be built according to the highest sustainability requirements (BREEAM Outstanding). Aspects such as use of materials, waste processing and energy performance of the building are very important.

About the construction 
The construction of the new head office started at the beginning of this year. Due to, among other things, the use of a prefab concrete skeleton, the hull was already in place within six weeks and the completion is already in full swing. Demcon is expected to start using the building at the beginning of 2023.

This is a news post from Trebbe.