Cryogenics is the field of physics that handles the behavior and production of (extremely) low temperatures, usually below 120 Kelvin (-153°C). We specialize in cryogenic processes and creating systems using cryogenic parts, ranging from Stirling, GM and pulse tube cryocoolers, to dewars-holding cryogens such as liquid nitrogen or oxygen. Alongside our role as a knowledge provider, we have also developed our own zero-vibration cryostage for Cryo-EM, using a combination of a Joule-Thomson expansion cycle and microfluidics.


  • modelling cryogenic systems
  • hands-on experience with various types of mechanical cryocoolers, Joule-Thomson systems and dewars
  • prototyping & experiments using our cryogenic infrastructure

know-how and experience.

We have a track record in designing and working with various cryogenic systems. The key is understanding physical phenomena and material & fluid properties that can change significantly when operating at cryogenic temperatures. We have the ability to model these phenomena and predict dynamic system behavior. We can realize cryogenic systems in our own labs, which are equipped with the required instrumentation for using cryogens, high-pressure gasses and to perform measurements at (ultra) low temperatures.


Bart Schepers

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"behavior at very low temperatures"

“In physics, cryogenics is the production and behavior of materials at very low temperatures. This field of physics poses new challenges and requires a broad understanding of fluid dynamics, material sciences and different cooling techniques. We have dedicated labs and equipment suitable for developing experimental setups that can run tests under cryogenic conditions. For example, we developed our own cryogenic cooler, which found its way into the Cryo-EM workflow providing localized cooling in the high- vacuum environment of a scanning electron microscope (SEM). This is only one of the many examples demonstrating our know- how in this challenging field.”

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