the miniMPL cooling for small satellites.

At Demcon kryoz we are developing a miniature pumped loop for moving heat in small satellites as an OEM-product.

The challenge
Recent trends show that increasingly powerful payloads are used in small satellites. Therefore, new thermal concepts are required to cope with the increasing thermal dissipation and the negative effects.

The solution
The miniMPL, an innovative high-performing thermal control system which is compatible with the requirements of the industry. It gives extreme flexibility to the small satellite’s thermal design, meaning that it provides a single solution directly applicable to various orbits, (constellation) missions and satellite layouts.


  • low mass, low power consumption
  • high cooling power
  • compatible with various orbits and small satellite layouts
  • flexible, scalable & modular
  • heat switch function
  • high reliability (no single-point-of-failure)


cooling power: 40 W to 100 W
temperature range: -25 °C to 80 °C
input power: 2 W to 5 W
total mass: 800 gr
dimensions: 10 x 10 x 6 cm3 (<1U)


our aim as OEM

It is our aim to bring this product (currently at TRL 5/6) to market within a consortium of specialized and capable partners and reach TRL 7/8 in 2024.

Demcon kryoz is industrializing the miniMPL with support of ESA and consortium partners.

Currently we are searching for lead users to partner with.
Interested? Please contact us!