Our passion is to combine creativity and technical skills for solving complex technological and social issues. We want to have a direct or indirect impact on people and their living environment. That’s why we design and manufacture advanced systems and products. and we are proud to share our results, where confidentiality permits. Each showcase presents a unique problem we tackled, the broad expertise we invoked, the ingenious solution we developed, and the added value we provided to our customers.

  • Thumbnail-CryoSol-at-Demcon

    perfect temperature conditions.

    Demcon kryoz contributes towards a new technology that…

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  • Thumbnail-cracking-the-glass-code.jpg

    cracking the glass code.

    We have grown accustomed to metal and concrete…

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  • Thumbnail-cryogenic-microcooling-1.jpg

    cryogenic microcooling.

    At Demcon kryoz we have developed an ultra-low…

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