thermal fluidics.

Energy is often transported using fluids. With extensive knowledge of fluidic behavior, we can design, model and realize complex fluidic systems, ranging from microfluidic cooling chips to industrial cooling / heating systems that may use gasses or fluids for energy transport.


  • fluidic architecture and design
  • prototyping, modelling & simulation, experiments
  • CFHX/PHX pressure drop – flow-efficiency optimization
  • (extreme) high pressures
  • cryogenic fluids

choosing the correct layout.

When designing a thermal-fluidic system, many concept design choices can have a huge impact on the final system’s behavior. Choosing the correct parts and system (fluidic) layout can make the difference between a non-working system or one which is fully optimized with high efficiency. We are the perfect partner in realizing your dreams, with our knowledge of the fundamentals of fluid mechanics and heat transfer, in combination with our unique approach in modelling (large) thermal/fluidic systems (using our in-house LEM Toolbox), and our extensive hands-on experience in realizing these system types.


Guido Giammaria

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"meet the specifications"

“Thermal-fluidic systems handle fluid flows in combination with thermal energy exchange. We find challenges in working with various fluids such as cryogenic fluids, liquid metal or extremely high-pressure noble gasses. We design systems in such a way that they meet the specifications of our client’s demand, for example in terms of maximum pressure drop, the required Reynolds number, heat transfer coefficients, and/or mechanical stability. And this sometimes in demanding environments like space.”

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LEM modelling


thermal systems engineering


(ultra-high) vacuum