(ultra-high) vacuum.

Many high-tech systems, such as cryocoolers and electron microscopes, use vacuum to run their processes optimally without disturbance arising from unwanted heat load or contamination. A vacuum, especially in the ultra-high region, entails special challenges, such as outgassing, bearings, sealing, cooling and clean working. We draw on our cryogenics experience, develop (ultra-high) vacuum solutions for a wide variety of applications.


  • vacuum chamber / feed-through design
  • vacuum & cryo loading / load lock systems
  • vacuum system (LEM) modelling
  • cooling/heating systems that are (U)HV compatible

vacuum-compitable materials.

SEM, TEM and EUV, along with advanced (cryo)cooling and other high-tech applications, work with (ultra-high) vacuum. We apply our broad, thermal and mechatronics expertise for developing systems with (ultra-high) vacuums. We design effective seals and feed-throughs, have extensive knowledge of outgassing and vacuum-compatible materials, and can use cleanroom facilities for clean system assembly. With our dedicated test equipment, we accelerate the development of (ultra-)high vacuum solutions. Using our in-house Simulink LEM Toolbox development lets us simulate vacuum systems and predict their dynamic behavior.


Pieter Lerou

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"a broad track record"

“Cryogenics and vacuum technology go hand in hand. In cryogenics a vacuum is used to minimize parasitic heat load to the cooler so it is crucial for operating the system. As a specialist in cryogenics, we have a broad track record in designing and realizing vacuum systems. From vacuum (thermal) feed-throughs, RGA and vacuum safety systems to material vacuum compatibility and cryopumps. We’ve got you covered!”

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