the next generation of cryogenics for high-resolution microscopy.

At Demcon kryoz we have developed an ultra-low- vibration miniature cryogenic cooler. This cooler is designed specifically for use in high-resolution microscopy applications, including SEM, FIB and FM.

Its very small size, the ability to maneuver in six degrees of freedom, and a localized cooling- down ability to -175°C, makes it unique.

And all of this without using liquid nitrogen.


  • virtually vibration-free
  • small size
  • no mechanical moving parts
  • only the sample area is cooled cryogenically
  • no liquid nitrogen

easy system integration.

Integration with the EM vacuum chamber is achieved through a market- standard NW100 flange.

The cryocooler can be mounted on a base-plate or translation stage with a simple screw connection.

ultra low vibrations cryocooling.

Designed to align perfectly with all microscopy lenses.
Six degrees of freedom.

stable temperatures.

Translation-stage interface is at room temperature.
Controllable sample temperature from 300 down to 100 Kelvin.
High temperature stability ±10 mK.


stable position.

Low vibration level ~ 1 nm p2p.
Low drift levels of <3 nm min-1.

Performance testing was done using a TF Helios FIB/SEM/FM with the cryocooler mounted on a 5 DOF manipulation stage.


custom sample holders.

Load, maneuver and align the sample the way you want to.


no liquid nitrogen.

Cool down to -175°C without using liquid nitrogen.

The cryocooler uses high-pressure nitrogen gas at room temperature to very locally create cooling power via the Joule-Thomson effect.
Push a button and cool down to 100 Kelvin only at the location where you need it.