the next generation of cryogenics for high-resolution microscopy.

At Demcon kryoz we have developed an ultra-low- vibration miniature cryogenic cooler as a OEM-product. This cooler is designed specifically for use in high-resolution microscopy applications, including SEM, FIB and FM.

Its very small size, the ability to maneuver in six degrees of freedom, and a localized cooling- down ability to -175°C, makes it unique.

And all of this without using liquid nitrogen.


  • small size
  • only the sample area is cryogenically cooled
  • virtually vibration-free
  • no mechanical moving parts
  • no liquid nitrogen

ultra low vibrations cryocooling.

– Designed to align perfectly with all microscopy lenses.
– Six degrees of freedom.
– Integration with the EM vacuum chamber is achieved through a market- standard NW100 flange.
– The cryocooler can be mounted on a base-plate or translation stage with a simple screw connection.

extreme stable temperatures.

Translation-stage interface is at room temperature.
Controllable sample temperature from 300 down to 100 Kelvin.
High temperature stability ±10 mK.

extreme stable position.

Low vibration level ~ 1 nm p2p.
Low drift levels of <3 nm min-1.

Performance testing was done using a TF Helios FIB/SEM/FM with the cryocooler mounted on a 5 DOF manipulation stage.


our aim as OEM

Currently we are searching to extend the application of this OEM product to users within or outside the CryoEM application field.

Interested? Please contact us!