high energy and cooling.

The development trend for military vehicles is moving towards increasing amounts of electronic equipment and devices. This results in a higher demand of the electronics supply and cooling systems.

In this context DEMCON defense & security was requested by DMO/GWS (Dutch defense material organisation) to work on possible future energy and cooling systems. The request was to build a system that could perform verification tests on high-power mission subsystems regarding their electrical and thermal energy specifications.






  • full system design and LEM modelling
  • high-power reversible system
  • system realization and validation

reversible high thermal power.

We created a system that can generate a very high cooling or heating power (100 kW) using a reversible heat pump in a fully optimized heat-exchange fluid loop. The generated thermal energy can be transferred to the external mission subsystem under test. Using our extensive knowledge on thermal/fluidic systems, we were able to analyse and model the cycle in a very detailed way using our LEM tool and predict the system’s behaviour during various use cases in which it will operate. The system was than realized, tested and validated at our own premises. Besides the thermal part, the system also contain an energy part that can supply or dissipate 60 kW of electrical power.

fruitful collaboration.

This development was done in close collaboration with DNV and our client DMO (Ministry of Dutch Defence).


“More relevant than ever”

The topic of homeland defence seems more relevant than ever. It is great that we as Demcon kryoz can and may add value to this field. It is very satisfying to see we were able to realize a complicated system like this within a close corporation with MOD and DNV.