the art of
low-temperature systems.

the art of
low-temperature systems.

At Demcon kryoz we are specialized in thermal systems engineering focusing on systems ranging from sub-ambient temperatures down to -273°C (0 Kelvin).

Driven by unbounded curiosity, we explore the vast potential of technology to contribute to business and society. We have an open-minded approach to technological challenges, thinking in terms of endless possibilities rather than practical limitations.

flying high to create shared value.

We employ our profound expertise and unlimited creativity to address technological and social challenges in a wide range of application areas. Whether we are developing advanced systems, bringing medical technology to real-life products, or participating in demanding space projects: we create shared value in collaboration with our customers and partners.

our OEM products.

Besides providing our services in the field of thermal engineering, we have also developed our own products in the field of thermal management.

full-service design house

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