cooling techniques.

Every temperature domain has his specific optimal cooling technique. We have experience with a variety of techniques ranging from heat pumps, Peltiers to Stirling, (GM) pulse tubes and cryostats.


  • hands-on experience with various types of cooling techniques
  • ability to model all cooling cycles within a total system
  • cryogenic infrastructure and lab facilities for testing

know-how and experience.

We have a track record in designing and working with various cooling techniques. The key is understanding the favorable and the unfavorable factors of the cooling principles in real life situations

We have the ability to model all techniques and predict their behavior in actual setups. We can realize (test) setups in our own labs, which are equipped with the required hardware and instrumentation.

Mark Arendshorst

Mark Arendshorst

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"realize low-temperature systems"

“At Demcon kryoz, we can analyse, design and realize low-temperature systems for various applications. We have broad experience with various (cryo)cooling techniques ranging over the entire temperature regime.”

all expertises.


LEM modelling


thermal fluidics


thermal systems engineering


(utra-high) vacuum