transport climate control.

Accurate temperature (and humidity) control of transportation goods during storage and shipping can be very important to guarantee the quality of the transported items. The environmental conditions of a transport container can be quite extreme ranging from temperatures down to -40°C enduring cold high-velocity wind up to +40°C including a direct thermal radiation load from the sun.

As Demcon kryoz we have done several projects on analyses, design, development and realization of fully autonomous climate control containers.






  • fully autonomous system
  • combination of conventional systems with custom developments
  • system realization and validation

autonomous system.

One of the most important aspects of the climate control of a shipping container is that it is autonomous meaning the container should (often) not depend on energy supply from the outside during transport. By combining conventional techniques such as refrigerator-cycles that run on a generator with more unconventional systems such as PCM-buffers and reversible heat pumps, we were able to create transport systems that can handle extreme specifications.



“transport and control”

Generating concepts for thermal management of autonomous transportation systems is an interesting and challenging field. The optimization focus of these systems can differ quite a lot. Sometimes the focus is on minimizing the mass of the system but it can also be that optimizing its COP for maximum autonomous operation time is more important.